Maintain a balanced budget at the time of retirement


An important stage in his adult life, retirement must be anticipated and prepared with care. The redemption of credits is a way to rebalance his finances to enjoy his retirement.

Maintain a balanced budget at retirement:

Maintain a balanced budget at retirement:

An important stage in his adult life, retirement must be anticipated and prepared with care. Too many do not organize this change and find themselves in an uncomfortable financial situation, creating frustrations and worries. Above all, it is necessary to learn about the budgetary developments that the transition to retirement will cause.

In many cases, loss of income at the time of retirement results in a decline in purchasing power. The purchase of credits is then a way to give some air to his budget to enjoy his retirement.

How to do it ?

In order to avoid getting into a bad financial situation during retirement, you have to go step by step. The goal is to have enough buying power to buy what you need and to please your loved ones. First, you will need to educate yourself to get an idea of ​​the retirement you will receive.

I request a credit redemption be recalled

Take stock of your future financial situation: retirement, what will be my financial situation?

Take stock of your future financial situation: retirement, what will be my financial situation?

Anticipating the decline in income related to retirement is essential. It is strongly recommended that you do not wait until retirement to find out exactly what the financial consequences of such a change will be.

In France, there is what is called the right to retirement information. This device allows to receive information concerning his pension rights without having to ask: Emerging Information mail, balance their rights every 5 years from his 35th birthday and, after 55 years, a rough calculation of the income you will receive when you retire.

From the age of 45, it is possible to talk to one or more pension funds to take stock of one’s career and obtain a budget estimate.

To do this, several administrative procedures are required. Start by identifying the pension fund to which you are attached. Organization names appear on your payslips. In addition, the human resources department of your company can provide you with information on this subject. It is all the more necessary to inform oneself because several pension plans are possible (general, complementary or other).

After learning about the pension organizations to which you are affiliated, you can contact them to obtain information and advice regarding your situation. They will explain to you how to touch your retirement and above all, how to calculate it to be ready when the time comes. Regarding the basic plan, your pension fund can provide you with a statement of situation. This will allow you to have a general financial assessment and to know how long you can retire. Similarly, you can request a balance sheet to your complementary well before your actual retirement. In this way, you will have a total vision of your rights for retirement.

Pension plans vary according to each person’s situation. Employees, shopkeepers, civil servants, and liberals are not affiliated to the same scheme, their status being very different. Overall, if you are an employee, the CNAV for the basic plan and the Arco-Agirc for the complementary, will be able to inform you. Non-titular civil servants can turn to the CNAV and the complementary Ircantec, and the holders to CNRACL and the complementary RAFP.

The RSI manages the pensions of the self-employed. The more information you have obtained beforehand, the more you will be prepared for this step and the more you can put in place solutions to compensate for the loss of income.

What solutions to guarantee me a decent standard of living and to carry out projects during my retirement?

The redemption of credits:

Once you have collected these data, you will be able to calculate the amount of your retirement. Do you have credits and find that your income will be relatively low when you retire? The loan consolidation will no doubt meet your expectations. This will allow you to buy necessities without frustrating yourself and not feeling sidelined when paying your bills. The lightening of the monthly payments on an extension of the repayment period, will allow you to give air to your budget not to lose in purchasing power at the time of the retirement and to be able to buy things of the everyday life . You can find the example of Nicole and her husband who knew how to anticipate their retirement by carrying out a regrouping of credits to feel better financially.

Cash repurchase:

At the time of retirement, incomes decline, so it is important to prepare this step well. In order not to feel obliged to count each month, the purchase of credit with cash can be a solution. After you have inquired with your pension fund, you will have a clear idea of ​​your financial situation at retirement.

You still have loans to repay and have found that your income will decrease but you want to be able to please you, your loved ones or to realize a dream project for a long time? The grouping of loans with cash will allow you not only to maintain a decent standard of living during your retirement thanks to the reduction of the monthly repayments but also to realize the projects you have thought about.

Define your need for cash: what budget do I need in order not to lose my balanced budget in retirement?

Define your need for cash: what budget do I need in order not to lose my balanced budget in retirement?

Do you know the amount of your retirement? You want to reduce your monthly payments and get a sum of money to, firstly balance your budget and secondly, plan an unforeseen or concretize a project: the purchase of credit with cash is a solution.

In order to accurately determine your need for cash, be sure to get an estimate of the amount of income from all your pension funds, if there are more. If you have plans to buy for yourself or your loved ones needing cash, try specifying the type of expenses and making an estimate to get a better idea of ​​the amount you will need.

You have become aware of the financial situation that will lead to your retirement. Following this, you plan to rebalance your budget and take full advantage of retirement. You have specified the amount you will need to offset this decline in revenue?

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